Sunday Lectures

 On a Sunday evening at 5:45pm we come together to learn more about what God has told us, this year we’re thinking about:

07 How to enter the Kingdom of God
14 The search for meaning in life
21 Digging for Truth: Archaeology and The Bible
28 Keeping Faith Today
04 Religion, and Toleration
11 Introducing Abraham – the Friend of God
18 What the Bible says about Prayer
25 One Bible Many Churches – Why?
04 Difficult Parables of Jesus
11 Who or what causes temptation
18 Where are the dead?
25 Can I have a hope for tomorrow?
01 FILM – Darwin’s Delusion
08 What shall I do with Jesus of Nazareth?
15 Why read the OT? Can’t I just read the NT?
22 God’s true witnesses
29 The Unity of God
06 With what body shall we come?
13 Making Sense of Our World
20 Messages from Jesus in the Book of Revelation
27 The wonders of creation – a bugs life
03 Judgement and Hell in The Bible
10 Why Should I believe in God?
17 The end of the world: what does it mean?
24 Turning the world upside down