Sunday Lectures

 On a Sunday evening at 5:45pm we come together to learn more about what God has told us, this year we’re thinking about:

02 God is in control of our world today
09 Making sense of our troubled world
16 Where will YOU stand when Jesus returns?
23 A Better Way
30 Getting rid of demons
06 God’s answer to loneliness
13 Does Society need Christian values?
20 Evolution or Design?
27 The God of The Bible
03 A Time of Peace
10 The Gospel in the Old Testament
17 When will Jesus Return?
24 The Bible and Medicine
01 Noah and the Flood – lessons for today
08 Global Mega Trends–don’t worry God’s in control
15 Bible baptism – a life changing decision
22 A New Creation
29 100 years since Balfour’s Homeland for the Jews
05 How Sunday School in Wales changed the destiny of the world
12 The Problem of Suffering
19 There definitely is a God
26 1917-2017 Israel, Arabs. Christ and You
03 Jesus – how his death gives you life
10 Looking for Jesus Christ
17 Why You can believe the Bible
24 Family Evening
31 No Lecture