Special Event: Did the Resurrection happen?

We are holding a special enquiry into the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead!


We have a number of special guests that will help us uncover the truth of what happened including:

  • A medical Doctor
  • Joseph (Jesus step father)
  • Mary (Jesus mother)
  • Guard (at the tomb of Jesus)
  • Caiaphas (the High Priest that wanted Jesus to be executed)
  • Mary wife of Cleopas (an eye witness of the crucifixion)
  • Thomas Didymus (doubting Thomas)


This special event will only occur twice:

  • Saturday 24th March – 9:30 and 11:30 – Lougher Welfare Hall, Swansea, SA4 6PS
  • Monday 26th March – 7pm to 9pm – Neuadd Bryn Hall, Bryn, Llanelli, SA14 9TU


We look forward to seeing you then!